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Turn your bright idea into an actual masterpiece. STEPHEN PAULOVICH STUDIOS offers complete sculptural services and murals.


Our studio doesn't stop with designing but also provides design fabrication services. Instruct us on what to do and we'll gladly bring what you've imagined to life.


STEPHEN PAULOVICH STUDIOS will travel miles just to bring a project to your property. We can install your project wherever you like.

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Mission Statement

Bridging the craftsmanship of yesteryear with the technology of today. 

Who We Are

STEPHEN PAULOVICH STUDIOS is a design studio in Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in the applied arts, including murals, sculptures, and various architectural elements. We have more than 150 years of combined experience in designing, fabricating, and installing works of art as decor. Our studio offers competitive rates and caters to businesses, churches, architects, and homeowners.

Contact our design studio in Louisville, Kentucky, for aesthetically pleasing applied arts.