Offers Complete 3D Services Sculptures and Murals

Let STEPHEN PAULOVICH STUDIOS of Louisville, Kentucky, provide you with personalized sculptures and murals. We make properties more appealing by designing one-of-kind architectural accents. 

3D Models

Our studio will conduct an ocular visit to your location. After the visit, we will do an initial consultation to know what you want us to design for you. We will brainstorm and make a 3D model or a rough sketch of the design to help you visualize the finished product.

Final Design Touches

After making a visual representation of the artwork, we will consult with you regularly to make sure that it's exactly what you want. We will also revise the design if necessary.

Bidding and Fabrication

Our studio will work within your budget and create a bid for the project's cost after you approve the design. We will start with the fabrication process once you have approved the cost.

Liturgical Art  

Samples coming Soon 

Architectural Accents

Samples coming Soon 

Contact us in Louisville, Kentucky, for a visually stimulating artistic design.